Information for Patients

What to Bring to Your Consultation


When you come for your specialist consultation, make sure you obtain a valid referral; we may ask you to send the referral through to us prior to booking your appointment in order to determine the appropriate scheduling of your appointment. Referrals from specialists are valid for a maximum of 3 months, while those from general practitioners are valid for up to 12 months. A valid referral is essential for you to receive a rebate from Medicare for any consultation or procedure fees, so when your referral expires, you will need to see your family doctor for a new referral.

If you are seeing our dietician, you will also need an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) referral from your family doctor in order to access Medicare rebates. Similarly, Medicare rebates for consultations with our psychologist will require a Mental Health Plan from your family doctor. These specialised referrals usually last 12 months, and will specify a maximum number of consultations.

Tests and Scans

Remember to bring with you the results of any recent blood tests or other laboratory tests. If you have had any x-rays or scans, it will be important to have access to these during the consultation, so please, either bring the physical films printed out, a CD-ROM or USB drive with the images, or details of how to access the images online. It is important to have the radiologist’s report of the imaging, but more important to be able to see the images themselves. Often, if your scans are performed at a public hospital, the images are not given to you; you are entitled, however, to request that they be provided to you, along with the report, either printed out or on a disk.

Medicare and Health Fund Details

Please make sure you bring your Medicare card and your Health Fund card to your first appointment, and whenever you are issued with a new card. We can usually submit Medicare rebate claims electronically on site on your behalf, with funds being transferred into your bank account within 48 hours, as long as you have registered your banking details with Medicare.

Contact Details

Following each consultation, our clinicians will usually send a report to your referring doctor, with a copy to your family doctor if he or she did not refer you. If you are seeing other healthcare providers, it may be important to include them in the correspondence list to keep them updated about your condition and progress. Please bring the contact details for any healthcare providers currently looking after you.

Also, please bring with you contact details for your next of kin and/or emergency contact.

Workers’ Insurance Claims

If your consultation is in relation to a workers’ insurance claim, please bring any documentation relating to that claim, including the name and contact details of your case manager and your claim number. If you have received approval for the consultation from your insurer, then please bring this with you as well. In order to obtain relevant approvals, we may ask you for this information prior to your appointment.

Additional Information

The links below will direct you to pages on our site containing information about some of the conditions that we treat, and some of the treatments that we offer. Please take some time to look through these in order to gain an understanding of what will be discussed during your consultations, and make sure you note down any specific questions to bring with you.

Health information for prospective patients

Investigations & tests

Surgical procedures


Other treatments

When You Arrive for Your Consultation

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of your consultation to allow an opportunity to fill out forms and enter the necessary data into our computer system, and to make preparations for the consultation. Our consultations are generally 40 minutes long for an initial consultation in relation to a new problem, with subsequent consultations scheduled for 20 minutes. We frequently see patients with complex health problems and with terminal illnesses. To fully address their sometimes unforeseen needs, the duration of their consultation may from time to time need to be unpredictably extended; we ask that you bear with us while we attend to other patients, and rest assured that we will attend to your needs with the same dedication. It often helps to bring a book or have a look through some of our available reading materials.

Should they be required, male and female amenities are available on our floor, with a nearby kitchenette for preparing meals for infants and children if necessary. Parking for our Kogarah rooms is available nearby at the railway station, the town centre, in the Council garage on Derby St, and the private hospital car park on Hogben St, in addition to ample (timed) street parking. We are abundantly served by great cafes, restaurants, other food outlets and shops within walking distance. A compounding pharmacy is available on the street level of our building.